About PKC


The Philippine Kettlebell Club was founded during the last quarter of 2009 by Mr. Nico D’Haenen, IKFF Level 2 CKT-FMDS. PKC is the first Kettlebell organization in the Philippines comprised of internationally certified kettlebell trainers who officially popularizes and creates noise that generates enthusiasm from the country’s local fitness industry.

Philippine Kettlebell Club as an organization aims to promote awareness of the benefits of working out with kettlebells through proper instruction and execution relevant to general fitness. Our utmost advocacy is to educate people about the importance of eliminating muscle imbalances or weaknesses, and establishing functional/sport specific movement patterns. We also believe that each individual can tap into the wisdom of their body in order to maximize their potential — and this is what we at Philippine Kettlebell Club offers to those whose mindset is open to learning how the body moves and functions, as well as enhancing movements and performance through proper and dedicated training.